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Sennheiser HD 515 takes "Headphones of the month" gong

sennheiser-hd515-300x300Audio specialist Sennheiser has decided that the "Headphones of the month" award would go to Sennheiser HD 515-model, where madness acquired you March see part with your hard money for these puppies if it stokes your feelings enough, a few home to bring, so that you can enjoy your digital music collection in an entirely new level of quality.

Of course, the Sennheiser "Headphones of the month" monthly promotion specifically to the was promoting music lovers of Sennheiser's authentic sound quality experience. This promotion period see those, which received you solve their wallets on a HD515 headphones from an authorized dealer of Sennheiser a free pair of Sennheiser OMX 60 earbuds to boot. Just in case you are questions, what is so great about the Sennheiser HD515, you should check what we have to say in the extended post.

For the beginning of the HD-515 will break get as a high-quality open Aire headphones, where it is not the Bank because it is an affordable model as part of the audiophile 500 series. This makes it ideal for listen with virtually any source, where it Sennheiser's innovative article e.a.r. technology, along with special Duofol diaphragms has on the reduction of unwanted resonances to an absolute minimum to limit, resulting in a total Hörgenuss, which is combined with great wearing comfort.

The Sennheiser HD 515 features in a nutshell include:-.

Open-Aire, to the-ear, dynamic, stereo HeadphonesErgonomic acoustic refinement (e.a.r.) allows channeling for a new kind of listening ExperienceState ideal sound art, advanced neodymium iron Duofol DiaphragmsHighly optimized, field strengthened magnet SystemsOutstanding comfort for long listening SessionsLongevity by Removable ComponentsLightweight aluminum voice coils for high efficiency and excellent Dynamics

It is a pop, retail, where 2-year warranty for added security comes every purchase you with one for $129.95. Sounds good (no pun intended)?

The Cobra day - where's my stuff?

20110321100122ENPRNPRN3-COBRA-PHONETAG-1y-1300701682MR1-300x274Okay, I'm pretty good with my cell phone and even better with my camera, iPad and laptop. Truth is said, it is my bag that l lose all time. (You can see where are my priorities) Only, I can keep my hands on the thing. I have tried, change instead wear purse and that was even worse, I am already in my second set of replacement credit cards this year. Geez.

Welcome you, Cobra day, a new and other alarm and loss prevention system, a Smartphone application coupled via Bluetooth, uses a small key FOB-type device. Users download the Cobra day app on their phone and add then to protect the device Cobra tag for each item that they want, such as car keys, a purse or laptop bag. The Cobra tag monitors the distance between the phone and markup elements and produces an acoustic warning if they are separated. But this is not the best part…

The best part is, that the Cobra app actually may day was separated the GPS position and the time of the day of the elements, and sends this information to you by e-Mail, SMS, or even a related Facebook or Twitter account. No word as to whether it reads "Love dummy, you walked away from your stuff again." But I know that the Cobra tag contains a practical bi-directional Finder function. Press a button on the key ring is then your paired phone, ping, so that you well, as long as you lose only one thing at a time. I have to go now, my wallet is me texting.

Cobra day are available for around $59.99 July 2011. The associated app will be available through the Android market in


The hologram kit - not from a galaxy far, far away

silver_sportscar_holo_wrealcar_finger300dropI know how old were the most of you if Star Wars was not out, but I'm sure most of you saw it. Everyone remembers the scene where Chewbacca and R2-D2, that holographic chess game play? Now, you can now make your own holograms using this innovative Kit. It seems like there are some kits already for a little while, but who knew you at home could make holograms? Not me.

This kit has everything you contain an actual 3D laser hologram, you have to make, and it doesn't seem, how the process is too difficult, seems it's actually easy enough to say be a school project. Once you get the Kit House, you can start holograms immediately! Check out the video here.

With Lithology, no processing and no chemicals are film required. Thus, a hologram, is laser light divided into two different bars. One is an object on the film from which, while the other beam directly to the film. The two beams meet on film, caused a pattern of light and dark lines. The film is this pattern that is the hologram. Then, remove the object to display it, and again turn the laser light. You will see an amazing 3D image as if the object is still there.

You can add an update package also, separately, for improved properties. Contains a 10-Pack for film on any additional changes. Extra is also separately available. Lithiholo refill Pack contains 20-2 ' X 3. 5? glass plates for even more holograms make.

Available for under a $120.00 $ from

Quicktionary TS Premium offers a portable dictionary that provides more than just meanings


You are someone who tends to forget where you left off your keys? This can be quite devastating, especially if a locksmith to break your door simply call you in the middle of the night you need links since they in for the umpteenth time. Definitely not just on your bags, and it your landlord will go nuts (if you rent) and your neighbors are complaining about the sound as your door is hacked by a drill down is.

Now, to make sure that such things happen in the future again and again, buy a simple £ 4.99 like as in account, which is known as the whistle key Finder? This is a pretty self-explanatory device, where all you need is to do whistle and key Finder lights and signal sound noisy to gain your attention. It is only we have a problem with this-what is, if you are hard of hearing, or if you forget that you need pipes? A single CR2016 battery will go the right puppy from the.

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HTC released a new product with name HTC Desire. HTC Desire claim to be the best product in the world of Android. So tempted to have it .

One more smartphones made by HTC that uses the operating system Andorid. After Legend, this time HTC releases Desire. Like Legend, Desire equipped with 2.1 and HTC Android Sense as his homescreen. But Desire processors use is much faster, ie 1GHz Snapdragon. In comparison, the Legend is only armed with a 600MHz processor. When playing 3D games and video playback to work very fast. HTC Android Desire can upgrade to version 2.2 (Froyo) in Q3 of this year. So, we stay patient for a while longer to enjoy the Android Froyo.

2GB microSD apparently going to be comprehensiveness required in a commercial package Android 2.1 hp and above, including the Desire. For data storage is automatically directed to the microSD. So did all the installation application. This is indeed one of the advantages the latest Android 2.1. The most easily seen microSD is about the importance of the facility Camera / Camcorder. Both do not function when microSD is not installed. In setting Camera / Camcorder was no longer given the option to internal memory storage.

Desire homescreen still numbered 7 panels, including panels occupying FriendStream to-2 to the left of the main panel and editors in the first panel to the right of the main panel. Both panels are purposely referred to cite ease of access to whatever we want with HTC SENSE

Another example is the People (or formerly known as Phonebook). If we open one of the contacts, there summed up complete personal data which we Put up to its current status on Facebook and a collection of recent photos on Flickr.

Desire has an internal GPS antenna. This GPS features coupled with Google Maps for roaming locations. In any camera we can do geo-tagging, and then collected in Footprints. Photographs can also be saved in the Favorites category, Shopping, Dining, Leisure, and Others. These places are also later will appear on Google Maps.

By design, a direct look different is a touch screen 3.7 inc. As usual, the screen is so easy to leave fingerprints and cheek on the surface of the screen. But the HTC screen Desire is not easily scratched. surface rear rubber-like casing.

HTC still pairs of G-sensor, proximity sensor and ambient light sensors on the phone. The facility can we feel when the phone ringer volume automatically decreases when we picked up the phone to receive calls. Or automatic ringer switch to mute when the device be face down. The display also automatically dims when brought near to the cheek during a telephone conversation took place.

With the improvement in the side of the screen size and processor speed, HTC Desire does give “desire” is greater for Android enthusiasts. Price Desire itself around $700, or more expensive around $80 compared to HTC Legend. So HTC Desire is more suitable for those who want the best device in the world of Android.

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